IYNYS is a side scrolling puzzle-adventure game where you play as Nys, a girl who is determined to resuscitate the world by collecting life orbs to donate to the world tree. As Nys, you will go through a hand-crafted world in this soothing gaming experience where you go throughout the dilapidated world and slowly restore it's former beauty and as you restore the tree's life, the tree grants you abilities to explore previously inaccessible areas and collect more life orbs and eventually return the land to it's past beauty.

Walk: Left/Right or A/D
Jump: Space
Interact: F

(Made with Unity 2019.1.0)


IYNYS Linux v0.3 42 MB
IYNYS Windows v0.3 26 MB


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out of Range

Ah, you can fall off the left side of the screen in the very beginning???

A lot of progress left to be made. Even if you don't have time to make the scenery more detailed, at least make it higher resolution. Keeping the player in bounds would also go a long way.